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Leading Autistic Colleagues

Do you know how to provide effective support to autistic team members in the workplace? 

We spoke to Emma Warner, Learning and Development Sales Specialist at Towergate, about our new course Leading Autistic Colleagues aimed at providing line managers with a greater understanding of the workplace challenges faced by neurodiverse staff, and what can be done to help them. 

Could you share with us how the idea for the Leading Autistic Colleagues training course originated?

During my time as an induction trainer I met many people and inevitably there were a number with neurodiverse conditions. I realised that, as a function, we had no training or support available to be able to help these people succeed, thrive and feel included within the workplace.

Who do you feel would benefit from attending this course?

It sounds cliché, but absolutely everybody! Even if you think you know what having autism might entail, I can safely say the conversations we have on the courses will give you different viewpoints and definitely some food for thought.

What can participants expect to gain from attending the Leading Autistic Colleagues training?

An insight into how somebody with autism may think and feel, and what work and life challenges they may face in day-to-day life.

What topics will be covered during the session?

What autism is, what the daily challenges can be, how many people in society it affects, what we can all do support them and how we can be more aware of our colleagues.

Are there any entry requirements for participants?

Line managing somebody is the only requirement here, so you can learn how to support your staff in an inclusive way. Other than that, nothing! Even if you think you know about autism, there is always something new to learn.

Can you share any positive stories from previous participants who attended this training?

I have heard of several changes in businesses as a result of the training, including the introduction of ‘no questions asked’ social event opt-outs, the provision of fidget toys and improved inter-colleague relationships due to a broader knowledge and understanding.

How do you ensure the session is interactive for participants?

The sessions are discussion-based with interactive videos, discussions, and games. The more people put into the sessions, the more people get out of them, so participation is very actively encouraged!

Are there any plans to expand or enhance the Leading Autistic Colleagues training in the future?

There is always more work to be done in the Neurodiverse space, as it is such a broad subject with endless amounts of facts, figures, and research. Feedback from the sessions is always taken into consideration to make sure our offerings are factually correct and up to date. The more people that attend these sessions, the more work we will be able to do to create sessions on different neurodiverse conditions.

If you could summarise the course in one sentence, what would it be?

An important piece of training that will open your eyes and your mind to the differing levels of obstacles that autistic people face in the workplace.

Enhance your awareness of autism and learn how you can support your team to success with our new training course Leading Autistic Colleagues. If you would like to learn more about this training course or discuss your training needs, please reach out to our Training Team by calling 01427 420 405 or emailing


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