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The Importance of Health and Safety in the Workplace

Posted by The Stallard Kane Team
When running a business and employing individuals, there is a fundamental responsibility that should never be overlooked – health and safety.From the moment you h...

Occupational Health Assessments: What Is Involved?

Posted by The Stallard Kane Team
Occupational health is a familiar term to most, but it can be challenging to define. We look at what is involved in occupational health assessments and how it could dire...

Consultation: What You Need To Know

Posted by The Stallard Kane Team
Consultation should not be seen as a formal process usually connected with disputes but rather as a key part of an employer’s day-to-day management skills.

New Training: Leading Autistic Colleagues

Posted by The Stallard Kane Team
At Stallard Kane, we are committed to helping you create a diverse and inclusive workplace.We're excited to introduce our upcoming training session, Leading Autisti...

Get Ahead with Exclusive Leadership Training Rates

Posted by The Stallard Kane Team
Businesses of all sizes across the UK face the same difficulties when it comes to promoting staff internally; while these employees bring valuable skills and experience ...
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