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Face Fit Testing

It's crucial to have a face fit test performed on your Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to ensure optimal protection against hazardous materials.

Leaks can occur due to poor fit, so it's necessary for tight-fitting facepieces to be perfectly snug. Since people come in different shapes and sizes, there's no one-size-fits-all RPE facepiece. To conduct a proper RPE fit test, a competent individual should perform it. Our trainers are appropriately trained, qualified, and experienced


Ensure your respiratory protective equipment (RPE) can provide ample protection. Leaks in RPE can put you at risk, so choosing the right gear through fit testing is crucial.

  • Important: To be face fit tested, candidates must arrive clean shaven on the day and bring their own mask with them. If a candidate will not be clean shaven, they should contact the training team for further guidance prior to the test.
  • Valid For: Two years. Unless there are significant changes to the seal area of the face.
  • Time: The test should be completed within an hour. Unless a retest is required.
  • Location: On site at our Head Office. We are also able to make on-site visits.We also offer open days. Visit our social media platforms for the latest dates.
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Who requires face fit testing?

Anybody who wears a tight fitting face piece as part of their role.

Tight-fitting respirators rely on having a good seal with the wearer’s face. It is vital that before using a respirator for the first time, or before using a different brand of respirator, wearers pass a fit test for the model and size of the respirator they are going to use. This is to make sure the equipment fits their particular facial characteristics.

What are the requirements for candidates undergoing face fit testing, and what additional personal protective equipment (PPE) should they bring with them? What should be done if a candidate is not clean shaven?

To be face fit tested, candidates must arrive clean shaven and bring their own mask with them.

Additionally, they should bring any other PPE that may impact the fit of the RPE, such as goggles or ear protection. If a candidate is not clean shaven, they should contact the training team for further guidance. This must be prior to the test.

What does a face fit test involve?

During the face fit testing process, the following steps will be taken:

  • The tester will conduct a sensitivity test on the solution being used. This requires the candidate to wear a hood.
  • There will be a 20-minute break to cleanse the candidate's palate before the actual test.
  • The candidate puts on their RPE and the tester checks that it has been donned correctly.
  • The candidate puts on the hood again, and the tester sprays the solution to check the seal of the RPE.
  • Candidates will be asked to perform a range of movements that mimic those made while wearing the RPE in their work environment, which could impact the seal of the RPE.
  • Once all exercises are complete, the candidate will be asked to pull the RPE away from their face to ensure they can taste the solution if the seal is broken.

What are the COSHH regulations regarding the examination and testing of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)?

The Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 regulations (COSHH) stipulate that, where Respiratory Protective equipment (other than disposable respiratory equipment) is provided to meet the requirements of regulation 7, the prevention of hazardous substances to employees, the employer shall ensure that thorough examination, and where appropriate, testing of that equipment is carried out at suitable intervals.

By face fit testing any individual who wears tight fitting RPE for their role, you are not only meeting your legal requirements as an employer, but also ensuring the safety of your staff.

How long is the test valid for?

The test is valid for two years.

However, it's important to note that the fit of a particular make, model, and size of mask for an individual is determined by a Face Fit test, and there may be exceptions to this rule.

The intervals between each inspection should follow the manufacturer's instructions and your own risk assessment, and should be increased where the equipment is frequently used or where the health risks and exposure conditions are severe.

Additionally, if the individual experiences significant facial shape changes, such as significant weight loss/gain or a broken nose, a retest should be considered to ensure that the mask provides adequate protection.

Can I train as a face fit tester?


We also offer Face Fit Train the Tester training, which trains your candidates to be able to deliver Face Fit testing themselves.

Contact for more information

Can you attend a site to deliver face fit testing?

Yes, we can attend your site to deliver face fit testing. Please get in touch with our training team to discuss specific requirements. 

How do I book or find out more information?

To find out more information or discuss your training needs, talk to our Training Team by calling 01427 420 405 or email or, or use the form below

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