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Site Inspections

Our expert team of consultants can carry out comprehensive site inspections. Our thorough approach will identify potential hazards and risks on site. We will then support you in improving safety standards on all your construction projects.

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Site Inspections

Risk is part of every construction project. Construction site inspections help mitigate some of that risk by providing a process allowing teams to deal with human error and unforeseen changes throughout the project.

The quality of our work is paramount, so our consultants will spend sufficient time both on and off-site to ensure they can get an accurate record of your company’s risks.

What is a Site Inspection?

Construction site inspections are critical to ensuring that quality and safety procedures are followed correctly from the start. Construction projects involve coordinating multiple project team members, materials and equipment, which may expose contractors to many potential risks and hazards.

Why is it important to keep records of site inspections?

Keeping good site inspection records is the only way to stay on the right side of the law.

Certain types of records should be kept to comply with the Health and Safety Policy of the company's advice on matters of health and safety. In addition, specific records must be kept as a legal requirement which is embedded in specific pieces of legislation.

Keeping good site inspection records is important for the following reasons:

  • It ensures key information is easily retrievable and can be passed on from one person to another, ensuring consistency and continuity.
  • It ensures that the Company can demonstrate (internally and externally) compliance with legal duties under health and safety law.
  • It enables senior managers to monitor health and safety performance.

Are Site Inspections a legal requirement?

Inspections required by law need to be carried out by a competent person. This is someone with suitable knowledge, experience and training to carry out the work.

How often do I need a site inspection?

Considering the level of risk involved in the project and – on a weekly basis, at least – the Site Manager should undertake a safety inspection. This would normally be carried out on a Site Safety Checklist.

What happens after a Site Inspections

Risk is part of every construction project. Construction site inspections help mitigate some of that risk by providing a process that allows teams to deal with human error and unforeseen changes that occur throughout the project. Having a refined checklist for construction site inspections will help drive the successful completion of the project and provide visibility into areas for improvement. That way, teams can stay ahead of safety issues and leave risk behind.

How can Stallard Kane help?

Our advisors are specially trained in Site Inspections across all types of industries. Site Inspections are a hot topic for our clients and the regulatory bodies who govern your work, so it’s important to stay ahead of legislation changes and implementing policies and procedures. Our team will be able to guide you fully through any risks and ensure you are compliant.

How to contact

Talk to our Health and Safety Team by calling 01427 420 402 or emailing and #oneoftheteam will be happy to help.

"Having worked with Stallard Kane for about 18 months now, we have complete confidence in them and the advice they give us. These guys know their stuff and help make sure we know it too! They’re proactive, knowledgeable, and supportive. We very much regard Lee and Stallard Kane as part of the team here at Classico Marble Ltd."
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