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Wellbeing Champion

Wellbeing Champions advocate and promote employee wellbeing.

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    Wellbeing Champion

    Wellbeing Champions act as health and wellbeing advocates within your business and make sure your employees understand the importance of wellbeing. Having wellbeing advocates within the business is invaluable, as their passion and enthusiasm encourages employees to engage in other wellbeing activities within the business. They inspire change, empower teams and help promote a positive workplace culture.


    Wellbeing Champions advocate and promote employee wellbeing.

    • Entry Requirements: This course requires no formal entry requirements
    • Course Length : A Wellbeing Champion course is a one-day course with delivery split over two mornings.
    • Assessment: Ongoing assessment throughout the day
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    Who is this course suitable for?

    Anyone from across the business can be a Wellbeing Champion as long as they have the passion and commitment to engage employees in wellbeing activities and advocate for wellbeing practices in the workplace.

    Are there any entry requirements?

    This course requires no formal entry requirements.

    What does Wellbeing Champion include?

    This course will provide you with knowledge on the following topics:

    • The four pillars
    • The role of a champion
    • Understanding stress
    • Building resilience
    • Mental health
    • Sign spotting and sign posting
    • Support networks
    • Health promotion in the workplace
    • Behavioural change
    • 8 x 6 principle

    What are the learning outcomes for this course?

    By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge and practical tools to promote mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing whilst also driving engagement within the workplace.

    How is this course assessed?

    This course will be assessed through ongoing assessment throughout the day and will involve participants through discussion, learning, collaborative activities and Q&A sessions.

    What are the study options?

    We understand that organisations and individuals choose to study in different ways, which is why we offer various options to complete Wellbeing Champion study.

    Open Courses

    Open courses are available on specific dates throughout the year. This course is ideal if you have one or two members of staff who require a specific course.

    • Virtual Course - Via training partners

      This course is available via Zoom for those who cannot make it to a physical classroom but still benefit from joint learning and is delivered by a trusted training partner.

    Closed Courses

    A closed course is available for your team only. If you have multiple team members who require training, this is logistically easier and cost-effective for upskilling your team.

    • On Site

      This course is delivered by a trainer on-site. If you don’t have a room suitable on your site for training, you may hire a local venue where we can deliver this training to your team members.

    • Stallard Kane Training Room, Gainsborough

      This course is available in our training room in Gainsborough and is suitable for businesses that do not have training facilities.

    • Virtual Course

      This course can be delivered exclusively to your team virtually via zoom.

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