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Leading Autistic Colleagues

Posted by The Stallard Kane Team
Do you know how to provide effective support to autistic team members in the workplace? We spoke to Emma Warner, Learning and Development Sales Specialist at Tow...

What are the benefits of a Health & Safety Management System?

Posted by The Stallard Kane Team
Implementing a robust Health & Safety Management System benefits any business. It provides a structured approach to identifying and mitigating risks, fosters a cultu...

National Minimum Wage

Posted by The Stallard Kane Team
The National Minimum wage came into effect with the implementation of the National Minimum Wage Act 1998, with the aim of reducing ‘poverty pay’ and the income gap b...

Unseen Workplace Risks: The Importance of Exposure Monitoring

Posted by The Stallard Kane Team
In workplace safety, some risks are obvious and tangible – but what about the ones that lurk beneath the surface, invisible to the naked eye? How do you address risks ...

Friday Panic to Monday Relief: How We Saved A Business From Shutdown 

Posted by The Stallard Kane Team
 Our strategic intervention prevented a UK-based manufacturer from facing a costly shutdown due to overlooked certifications. This real-world example highlights our com...
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