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Legal Funding Agreement

Inevitably, many employers will face an employment tribunal claim at some stage during their business operation.

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    Legal Funding Agreement

    Employment tribunals adjudicate disputes that arise between employers and employees. They are designed to be less formal than other courts.

    What is the Legal Funding agreement?

    The Legal Funding Agreement is an agreement between our clients and Legal Funding Agreement Limited, a member of the Stallard Kane Group, to look after our client's interests if Employment Tribunal proceedings are brought against them (subject to terms and conditions).

    Can you represent yourself at the tribunal?

    It is possible for you as a company to represent yourself in an employment tribunal, but legal advice and representation are almost always useful and beneficial. This is where the help, support, and guidance from Stallard Kane can help ease what is a very stressful time.

    What Claims can an Employment Tribunal Hear?

    An employment tribunal can hear any claim involving a breach of an employee’s or worker’s statutory right or any freestanding breach of contract claim (where the contract claim has a value of up to £25,000.00)

    How do we support you?

    Provided you have opted for cover under Stallard Kane’s Legal Funding Agreement, we can deal with an Employment Tribunal claim on your behalf.

    For the Legal Funding Agreement to apply, we expect and require that all our clients will have sought and acted upon the employment advice of Stallard Kane.

    Are you eligible

    The Legal Funding Agreement is only available to clients of the Stallard Kane Group, as part of our comprehensive service to employers. For more information, please speak to one of our Business Development Managers, or your personal HR advisor.

    How Stallard Kane Can Help

    As a Stallard Kane customer, you will receive regular communication and we will keep you updated with regards to any necessary changes in HR legislation, either in person, as part of your contracted audits and site meetings, or in our regular news updates on our website or via email.

    How do I book or find out more information?

    To find out more information, call our HR on 01427 420 403 or email 

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