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Racking Inspections

If you own or run a warehouse, racking will be an integral part of the business. But having racking in your business comes with risks, and those risks need to be mitigated to ensure the safety of you and your team.

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    Racking Inspections

    If you own or run a warehouse, racking will be an integral part of the business. But having racking in your business comes with risks, and those risks need to be mitigated to ensure the safety of you and your team. Regular racking inspection by qualified consultants ensures you remain compliant with the Provision and Use of Workplace Equipment Regulations and highlights actions requiring attention. Ensuring the ongoing safety of the racking in your workplace s the risk and severity of warehouse incidents, and keeps your employees and the products you store safe.

    What racking should be inspected?

    Pallet racking is the most frequently used racking, and in instances where this is loaded by the use of forklift, the likelihood of damage is increased. Where structures are improperly loaded, or incorrectly fixed there is increased change of collapse. In addition mezzanine floor structures should be subject to regular inspection to ensure that access and egress is properly maintained, and that the structure itself is in good condition and hasn’t been overloaded by subsequent use.

    Wherever storage systems have been installed, regardless of the type, if there is a risk that employees, visitors or contractors could come into contact or interact with the structure or the products stored on it, employers and business owners should ensure that the system is safe and fit for purpose.

    How often should racking be inspected?

    Independent inspections of racking and shelving should be inspected by a competent and trained individual annually, and must not exceed 12 months. If a business has significant changes to its racking and shelving, it is advised that an inspection is carried out as soon as possible to ensure compliance.

    A business should also carry out weekly inspections in-house.

    Is it a legal requirement?

    Yes. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) HSG76 guidance recommends racking inspections be conducted by a “technically competent” individual.

    The HSE specifically recommends SEMA-approved racking inspectors or an individual who follows the SEMA guidelines.

    What happens during a racking equipment inspection?

    We visit a site to carry out a safety inspection of all racking and shelving to assess the integrity and maintenance of the site storage equipment.

    A full report will then be presented to clients which includes details of the storage systems used on site, the inspection results, the manufacturers requirements, details on the standard of repairs and load notices, as well as further guidance on operational safety requirements.

    The report will also include copies of any applicable serious damage reports, damage report sheets, a schematic layout drawing of the area inspected and details of any Load Notices and Safety Locks that are required.

    All work our inspectors carry out will comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, and the Provision and Use of Workplace Equipment Regulations.

    Why use Stallard Kane for racking inspections?

    All of our inspectors are SEMA approved, and we can take the role of ‘technically competent individual’ for a business, ensuring racking inspections are completed diligently and compliantly.

    We provide an annual inspection of all types of racking installation, including calculations for safe working load notices, investigation of all collapses, and surveys of mezzanine floor structures. We can assist with repairs, installations, and warehouse planning and offer unbiased, experienced technical support and advice.

    How do I book or find out more information?

    To find out more information or to get a no-obligations quote, call our Compliance Team on 01427 420 404 or email

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