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HR Audits

Our trained team of advisors will review your HR practices, offer on-site analysis, and provide a detailed report allowing you to operate fully compliant and within current regulations and legislation.

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    HR Audits

    Running a business can be complicated and time-consuming, with the constant worry as to if you are doing everything you can to protect your business and your employees. Employment law legislation has the potential to change without warning, and unless you are continuously on the lookout, updates to legislation and case law can easily go missed. 

    That’s where Stallard Kane can help. Our trained team of advisors will review your HR practices, offer on-site analysis, and provide a detailed report allowing you to operate fully compliant and within current regulations and legislation.

    What is an HR Audit?

    An HR audit is an objective review of your business's HR practices, policies and procedures. The aim is to look for areas of non-compliance and identify ways you can improve. It is also an opportunity for your designated HR Advisor to update you in respect of any changes in employment law legislation and support you to ensure you remain compliant.

    What does an HR Audit involve?

    Our HR Audit consists of the following:

    • A face-to-face meeting with your designated HR Advisor
    • A review and update of your current terms and conditions of employment, including advice regarding working hours, pay and holidays.
    • A full review of your current documentation throughout the whole employee lifecycle, including discussions around recruitment, onboarding, staff performance, appraisal and training, and a review of staff retention and exit.
    • An analysis of your sickness and absence procedures as well as advice regarding disciplinary, capability and grievances.
    • A review of the latest changes in legislation and employment law decisions.


    How often should I have an HR audit?

    With a view to ensuring a proactive approach to HR compliance, we recommend conducting an HR Audit annually.

    How can Stallard Kane help?

    Our expert Advisors are on hand to review your current procedures, ensuring you are compliant with the law and are following best practices, as advised by ACAS. A regular HR Audit allows us to understand how you have worked in the past and how you wish to proceed in the future. We will discuss and agree on a framework structured to your environment and provide the support required to cover any issues, the way in which you work, and to include your own policies and procedures.

    Following an HR Audit with Stallard Kane, you will receive the following:

    • An HR audit report

    We will produce a comprehensive report which will highlight any areas of non-compliance using a red, amber and green traffic light system. This enables you to plan and prioritise, understanding which areas need addressing the most. This information will form and act as the main working document, ultimately allowing all aspects to be addressed with our support and guidance. The report will be provided alongside any supporting documentation that has been identified as part of the audit. This may include template forms and HR letters.

    • Updated Employment Contracts

    We will compile an updated ‘Main Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment’. This is important to ensure that all information contained within the document is relevant, legally compliant, and is a true reflection of your employees’ agreed terms of work.

    • HR manual

    All standard HR policies will be provided to you in the form of an electronic HR manual. The HR manual will be supported by a bespoke Employee Handbook.

    • Employee Handbook

    All policies and procedures unique to your company will be added and applied to a bespoke Employee Handbook. The detailed handbook will contain all relevant information to reflect all working activities, including your own individual policies and procedures, supported by current legislation.

    How do I book or find out more information?

    To find out more information, call our HR on 01427 420 403 or email 

    "Just a quick note to say how wonderful Richard has been since becoming our HR consultant at Young Black. His knowledge and patience have been outstanding, and he is always happy to chat and give advice (even when some of our questions are probably daft)! He is a very personable guy and although he has, I’m sure, been extremely busy during these strange times, he is never too busy to help and provide guidance in what has also been a busy time for us."
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