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Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Workplace exposure monitoring is a process designed to help protect employees in the workplace and assist employers with the requirements under a number of regulations.

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Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Workplace exposure monitoring is a process designed to help protect employees in the workplace and assist employers with the requirements under a number of regulations. Employees and the public may be exposed to various substances, such as chemicals, fumes, dust and vapours, which could be classified as hazardous to health. Noise and Vibration also pose a risk with potential long term impacts on health, including noise induced hearing loss and hand-arm vibration syndrome.

By implementing an effective monitoring process within your workplace, we can support you in your duty to protect employees by looking at best practices and regulatory compliance. This enables you to minimise the risk and mitigate its impacts wherever possible to your employees and your business.

What is included in Workplace Exposure Monitoring?

Monitoring exposure records how physical hazards such as noise, dust, fumes and vibration enter or affect the body. Workplace exposure monitoring can also include substances such as asbestos, working with lead or other natural and biological substances such as dust, and bacteria. The most commonly used methods when monitoring workplace exposure are:

  • Sampling the air in the worker's breathing zone or in the general background
  • wipe sampling of the skin or urinalysis
  • biological monitoring and biological effect monitoring
  • measuring noise or vibration levels

Measuring exposure requires dedicated equipment and specialist knowledge. We can complete full vibration, noise, dust and fume exposure monitoring in your workplace to assess the adequacy of your controls during specific tasks. ​

How are noise exposure levels assessed?

Our specially trained consultants will attend your site and work with you to achieve the best possible results with minimal disruption to operations in accordance with Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. The assessment includes identifying the requirements of the duty holder, and identifying additional control measures according to the hierarchy of controls, and offering support, guidance and advice for any changes or improvements that are required.

How are vibration exposure levels assessed?

Vibration exposure assessments are bespoke to the business and your work environments. Vibration assessment, including whole body and hand arm vibration, can be carried out either from a full management system approach or by taking a risk assessment based approach. Vibration exposure can quickly become debilitating for employees of all ages and abilities.

It is important to establish exposure times and introduce a system of maximum exposure levels, as well as communicate these to employees through effective awareness and training sessions.

How is substance exposure assessed?

Exposure to any kind of substance can be through one of four main routes:

  • Breathing fume, dust, gas or mist
  • Skin contact
  • Injection into the skin
  • Swallowing

All laboratory samples taken as part of an exposure assessment are tested at UKAS Approved laboratories, where testing is accredited to ISO 17025 standards. All works are carried out in accordance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (2002) and will detail in full any appropriate recommendations for necessary control measures.

We aim to make the process easy to understand but, importantly, also easy to implement. Working with hazardous substances is often unavoidable but shouldn’t harm your workforce. Our experience with various industry types and knowledge of practical, easy to implement solutions means we can offer support throughout the entire process.

What process is involved in Workplace Exposure Monitoring?

We have a clear five-step process for Workplace Exposure Monitoring that supports our clients and their workforce.

  • We undertake an on-site monitoring exercise
  • We provide a full report, including monitoring data
  • We sit down and discuss our recommendations and action plan
  • Assist with the implementation of actions where required
  • Support with continual improvement and regular sampling to ensure ongoing compliance

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