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Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment identifies the risks and hazards in your premises, evaluates each individual risk and puts actions in place to control them.

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Fire Risk Assessment

A fire risk assessment identifies the risks and hazards in your premises, evaluates each individual risk and puts actions in place to control them. Not every risk can be eliminated, but a fire risk assessment takes steps to control, mitigate, or reduce each one.

Every business with more than five employees must conduct a fire risk assessment for its property. If your business currently has not completed a fire risk assessment, please contact us today.

Who is responsible for a fire risk assessment?

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all businesses and non-domestic premises must appoint a ‘Responsible Person’ to have a legal responsibility for fire safety. A ‘Responsible Person’ can include an employer, owner, landlord, or occupier. But ultimately, this person has legal responsibility for the fire safety of a business.

Why use Stallard Kane?

A fire risk assessment must be carried out correctly – it must be both ‘suitable and sufficient’ and must conform to the requirements set out in PAS79 which is aimed specifically at ensuring certain information is recorded. This is a fundamental methodology which must be confirmed to, as a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement, and the consequences of not completing one accurately can include the loss of life, damage to buildings and extensive legal ramifications. If a business fails to comply with the law and keep up-to-date records, it may result in a substantial fine or prison sentence.

We can take on the role of ‘Responsible Person’ for a business, ensuring fire risk assessments will be completed diligently and precisely.

What does a Fire Risk Assessment involve?

A qualified Fire Risk Assessor will be on site to conduct a full assessment to ensure that the premises complies with both The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the requirements of PAS79.

The fire risk assessment is non-intrusive, and no inspections are made to those parts of the building or its services which are built-in, covered up or otherwise made inaccessible in the normal course of construction, fitting out or occupation.

We will need to make arrangements to ensure all areas to be surveyed are accessible.

The assessment will focus on the existing management arrangements regarding fire safety for preserving life and the physical condition of the premises. Hazardous activities within will also be assessed and reviewed. A full report will be delivered following the assessment.

What is included in a Fire Risk Assessment report?

The report will detail the following;

  • our findings, including a description of the premises and fire services access points,
  • details regarding the occupants of the premises,
  • identification of fire hazards,
  • detail regarding existing control measures and management systems in place.

A record of significant findings, along with a prioritised action plan and photographic evidence, will be included in the report.

The action plan will address any shortcomings in line with statutory requirements and will be presented with guided timescales on when specific actions should be completed.

How often does a Fire Risk assessment need to be reviewed?

A fire risk assessment is ongoing, and fire policies should be updated and reviewed regularly.

Any changes to a building’s layout, its use, or staff changes can impact your fire safety plans. Therefore we recommend a fire risk assessment is reviewed annually.

How do I book or find out more information?

To find out more information or to get a no obligations quote, call our Compliance Team on 01427 420 404 or email

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