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Method Statements

We can assist with the development of method statements for your work activities. You will appointed a dedicated advisor, who will discuss the task that you are to carry out before obtaining the relevant information from you in regards to your sequence of works and the other aspects of the task. This information will be placed into the relevant template documentation before you give the final review and communicate it to your staff.

What is a Method Statement?

A method statement is a document that details exactly how to carry out work safely and without risk to health.

The purpose of a method statement is to describe the health and safety precautions required in a work environment with a significant risk, to control risks identified in the risk assessment.

Is a Method Statement a legal requirement?

A method statement is not required by law. However, they are proven to be an effective and practical way to help plan, manage and monitor work. Every employer must provide a safe place of work without risk to health to prevent workers and others from coming to harm during work.

What does a Method Statement involve?

A method statement describes in a logical sequence exactly how a job is to be carried out in a way that secures health and safety and includes all the control measures. A Method Statement will allow the job to be properly planned with the appropriate health and safety resources.

What is the difference between a method statement and a risk assessment?

Risk assessments and method statements are two of the most common types of health and safety documents.

A risk assessment is used to identify and assess the hazards involved in each step.

A method statement expands on the control measures outlined in the risk assessments, detailing how, when, and why you should implement measures.

When should you write a method statement?

A method statement must be written AFTER a risk assessment has been carried out if the work is of significant risk or unusual.

Method statements are essential documents and are often written by a responsible person who is appointed by the employer. This person must be competent and familiar with the working procedures that will be taking place. Once written, the document will need to be shared with all employees so that they have access to the right information about how a task should be carried out.

How can Stallard Kane help?

Our team can assist clients by providing a responsible person competent with the working procedures involved in writing the method statements. We aim to make creating a method statement as seamless and stress-free as possible and ensure you and your team remain safe.

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